PW-101 Flying Motorcycle, Para-Wing Type

Called the PW-101, this vehicle is an enclose-cabin, two-wheel flying motorcycle that incorporates a convertible 'para-wing' as the main lift providing component.

This aircraft is designed to conform to the new, low-speed, Light Sport Aircraft regulations. This vehicle system will be lighter, slower, and less expensive than the longer range fixed-wing TAS-102.

The PW-101's 'para-wing' is a mast-mounted proprietary hybrid ram-air inflated parafoil. All of the related components are convertible in nature and compactly storable for ease of being taken along for the ride when the motorcycle is traveling cross-country on the highway.

The PW-101 is ideal for sport, recreation, and local commuting, in addition to government agency applications and uses at local, regional and national levels.