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The Flying Motorcycle Company™. Trans Air Systems is a company dedicated to the design of advanced aeronautical vehicle systems.

Our areas of interest lie with both personal air vehicle (PAV) systems, and also larger commercial transport aircraft. These airplanes, both large and small, are extremely innovative and incorporate Trans Air Systems' proprietary patent pending advanced airframe technology.

For personal use, we have designed operationally multi-modal vehicles that are intended to take basic transportation to the highest level of mobility possible, within today's technological limitations, and at an affordable price. To that end, we have designed two different types of All-Season Flying Motorcycles™. We believe these unique platforms allow for the best of both worlds. As motorcycles, by definition, they are lighter and more efficient than automobiles; and as short-field aircraft, with regional range and amply speed, they will efficiently fly you to your destination, at a moment's notice, on demand.

We have a fixed-wing type and a para-wing type; each serving a different purpose. The fixed-wing version is intended to comply with the FAR Part 23 certification regulations and will be heavier, faster, and more expensive with a far greater range than the lighter para-wing version that is intended to comply with the new, low-speed Light-Sport Aircraft (LAS) regulations. In general, the LSA para-wing version would be appropriate for recreation/sport and local commuting, and is limited to VFR (visual flight rules) flying. The stall and spin resistant para-wing (P-W) LSA is ideally suited for quiet electric propulsion, making it a safe, community- friendly, 'green' form of low-cost, localized personal air transport. The P-W LSA's lift providing para-wing is convertible in nature and is compactly storable, thus making it ideally suited for a 'take-along' capability whereby the rolled-up para-wing and masts stay with the vehicle while it is operating on the ground.

As an air vehicle platform that can also be driven on the highway, our FAR Part 23 fixed-wing configuration will provide its users with safe, private, de-centralized, on-demand regional/rural flight service, with speeds up to 200+ mph and a range of over 1,000 nautical miles. With the rigid fixed-wing and canard removed, the TAS-102 Flying Motorcycle™ becomes a street legal motorcycle that includes an enclosed cabin structure providing passengers with an automobile-like climate controlled environment.

Both one and two person configurations are within the design purview of both the FAR Part 23 fixed-wing and LSA para-wing, operationally multi-modal, flying-motorcycle platforms.

Trans Air Systems' other area of design revolves around air-cargo transport aircraft. We have recently file an application for a provisional US Patent for the  Convertible Payload Transport Aircraft (CPTA). The CPTA website provides a comprehensive overview of the CPTA platform.